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Breaking down the barriers between higher learning and the workforce.

It’s time to Widen The Path.

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There has never been a more important time for access to continuous education and training – critical components for upward mobility and success. However, for many Americans, like the 40 million with some college and no degree, the path is  nonlinear, a reality federal policy – and the higher education system – has failed to address. As a result, an increasing number of students face too many chutes and not enough ladders across various institutions and programs.


When we fail to meet the challenges of today’s reality, it has a devastating impact on students, communities, and the economy. 


It doesn’t have to be this way.



our vision

A new
Learning economy

Imagine a future where higher learning is flexible, accessible, and responsive to a changing world. Imagine institutions that recognize all learning, whether it happens at a four-year college or on-the-job at an apprenticeship. Imagine a wider path with on-ramps to work and further education and stronger connections between community colleges, universities, and workforce training. 


This future is within our reach.


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The Edge: Adult Students Need ‘More Ladders and Fewer Chutes’

-Chronicle of Higher Education


The new Congress has an opportunity to modernize our approach to learning and working.

-The Hill

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A more inclusive view of higher learning begins with thinking about it as more than a one-and-done experience

-The Job

ADVOCACY HIGHLIGHT - #40 Million Reasons


More than 40 million Americans – about 15% of the country’s population – have some college and no credentials. 

The stories of the 40 million Americans who started college but did not earn a credential shed light on several hurdles in the current system, many of which are directly linked to policies that could be changed to allow students and potential students to return and earn a credential. 


With action from Congress, we can re-engage the 40 million and widen the path. 

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our policy platform

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Strengthen connections between community colleges, universities, and workforce training programs.

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Create on-ramps to quality programs that lead to work and further education.

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Ensure students can enter in and out of education throughout their lives.

"As the economy continues to recover from the pandemic and maintain our global competitiveness, initiatives such as Widen the Path are critical to building and sustaining a well-equipped workforce. I am proud to be a board member of Higher Learning Advocates and to sign the Widen the Path Pledge."

- Hon. Luke Messer,

former Member of Congress

"Economic mobility depends on affordable and meaningful access to high-quality education and workforce development opportunities. Widen the Path is leading the way to ensure that today’s learners can connect all of their learning and apply those skills to ensure economic security for themselves and their families. I am proud to sign the Widen the Path pledge."

- Hon. George Miller,

former Chairman, House Education and Labor Committee

With your help, we can Break down the barriers between higher learning and the workforce and creating new opportunities for all of today’s students.


Join the Widen the Path movement by signing the pledge.

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