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Widen the path is a bipartisan campaign for a new American learning economy that breaks down the barriers between higher learning and the workforce and creates new opportunities for all of today’s learners.

Advancing federal policy change that will ensure all of today’s students can succeed.

Connecting higher learning and workforce, empowering millions of Americans to seamlessly transition between higher education, skills training, and work.

Policy Platform

Policy Platform - jUne 2022

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Strengthen connections between community colleges, universities, and workforce training. 


  • Improve connections between higher learning programs, especially through pathways, transfer, and stackable credentials.

  • Combine — or braid — state and federal training, workforce development and education funds so that the systems work together efficiently and effectively for learners.

  • Connect and improve education and workforce data systems, and enable policymakers, practitioners and learners to use those data to make informed decisions.

Create on-ramps to quality programs that lead to work and further education.

  • Invest in work-connected programs at community colleges.

  • Increase dollars spent on training individuals in workforce programs.

  • Enable today’s students, including adult and working learners, to use federal funds for non-traditional learning opportunities, such as apprenticeships and short-term programs.

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Ensure students can rejoin the higher learning pathway.

  • Lift barriers to financial aid eligibility for returning students with some college, but no degree.

  • Work with employers to prioritize and support learning through partnerships and policies.

  • Recognize learning earned in multiple settings, including by supporting transfer of credit and using public dollars to pay for credit for prior learning assessments.

Widen the Path is powered by Higher Learning Advocates, a DC-based nonprofit organization that advocates for federal policy change for today's students — the adult learners, student parents, working learners, students of color, first-gen students, and low-income students who make up the majority of college students.


To learn more about Higher Learning Advocates, go to

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Want to learn more about Widen The Path?

Join us as we officially launch the campaign in September 2022.

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