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Our policy platform

Policy Platform
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Strengthen connections between community colleges, universities, and workforce training. 


  • Improve connections between higher learning programs, especially through pathways, transfer, and stackable credentials.

  • Combine — or braid — state and federal training, workforce development and education funds so that the systems work together efficiently and effectively for learners.

  • Connect and improve education and workforce data systems, and enable policymakers, practitioners and learners to use those data to make informed decisions.

Create on-ramps to quality programs that lead to work and further education.

  • Invest in work-connected programs at community colleges.

  • Increase dollars spent on training individuals in workforce programs.

  • Enable today’s students, including adult and working learners, to use federal funds for non-traditional learning opportunities, such as apprenticeships and short-term programs.

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Ensure students can rejoin the higher learning pathway.

  • Lift barriers to financial aid eligibility for returning students with some college, but no degree.

  • Work with employers to prioritize and support learning through partnerships and policies.

  • Recognize learning earned in multiple settings, including by supporting transfer of credit and using public dollars to pay for credit for prior learning assessments.

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