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Widen the Path on Capitol Hill!

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

In today’s political climate, sometimes it can be hard to get lawmakers to focus on what’s important. So, how did our Widen the Path advocates get members of Congress to focus on breaking down the barriers between higher learning and the workforce?

Well, we played a game.

Not just any game - a special edition of Chutes and Ladders that depicts what our future can be with the Widen the Path policy platform.

Follow along as we rolled the dice and spread our message across Capitol Hill.

Executive Director of Higher Learning Advocates, Julie Peller also got in on the action meeting with lawmakers to talk about the Widen the Path campaign.

We made almost 150 dropoffs to Senators and Representatives offices of our special edition board game!

The Widen the Path team also held several meetings with lawmakers and their staff to talk more in-depth about our policy platform and how we can create success for all of today's learners.

We even ran into Senator John Kennedy's (R-LA)... alligator?!

We were also thrilled to see several new individuals and organizations - like Advance Vermont - joining forces for a new American learning economy and signing the pledge.

Lots of exciting responses to our Widen the Path delivery package. Who knew a board game could become serious policy!

Our huge thanks to our team of Widen the Path advocates who delivered materials to well over 100 Congressional offices to spread awareness about the campaign - and create more opportunities to strengthen our workforce and higher learning opportunities.


Have you signed the #WidenThePath pledge yet?

We need your support! Sign the pledge here.


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