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Our trailblazer story


Featuring Mike Larsson and Mary Leviner

Duet meets today’s students where they are and provides them with the support they need both in and outside of the classroom to succeed. In partnership with Southern New Hampshire University, Duet provides high-quality low-cost educational opportunities coupled with coaching to approximately 700 students a year. Mike Larsson, CEO of Duet, says, “too often, learners are made to feel they weren’t cut out for college, when in actuality the problem is that postsecondary education is not evolving to meet the needs of today’s students.”

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About Mike Larsson

CEO & Co-Founder, Duet

Mike co-founded Duet in 2015 after witnessing so many students struggle to complete their degrees because the higher education system was not designed for them. "The best part of this work? Seeing students make it to the finish line — and people hollering and cheering when they do," Mike says. "In this program, you can pick up steam at any time and make it happen." 

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About Mary Leviner

Senior Director of Student Services, Duet

During Mary's workforce development career, she learned the value a college degree has in the job market. Fortunately for all of us, she opted to put those lessons to work helping Duet students find their place here. She is happy to help students earn a degree that matters and leverage it to meet their career goals. "My position allows me to explain the value of our partnership with SNHU," she says. "I help prospective students understand how our coaching services can assist them with attaining their education goals.” 

Driving Policy Change 

to empower all students

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