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Why widen the path

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millions of students are being left behind

Thirty-nine million Americans have some college but no degree.


Colleges and universities currently fail to graduate 40% of the students they enroll. And, employers are faced with a devastating skills gap making it nearly impossible to find the right hires. When we fail to meet the challenges of today’s reality, it has a devastating impact on students, communities, and the economy. 

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Imagine a future where higher learning is flexible, accessible, and responsive to a changing world.

Imagine institutions that recognize all learning, whether it happens at a four-year college or on-the-job at an apprenticeship. Imagine a wider path with on-ramps to work and further education and stronger connections between community colleges, universities, and workforce training. 

This future is within our reach.


 Our policy platfom


Widen the Path is dedicated to federal policy change that will ensure all of today’s students can succeed. Check out the policy platform below to learn more about the future we’re fighting for. 

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